In December 2003, I slipped on a thin layer of ice leaving my work.  A week later I was unable to get up from my desk.  Two years later after no relief from drugs or physical therapy, I opted for a discectomy.  It was a very slow recovery process taking two years before I could return to my normal course of activities.  However, I continued to have trigger points that were sore upon contact.

Being an “adrenaline junkie” that endures many hours on the bike and in the gym, I have also been experiencing severe pain in the hip and pelvic region as well as muscle soreness in one of my lower extremities.

After only two laser treatments with Dr. Miller on the back and hip, my back trigger points are pain free.  The great news is that today is the first day in 8 months that I have finished my workout and was not limping.  I am pain-free in my hip.

I am so excited to have found relieve from my long-term pain.

A laser believer!
-Sandy Meier

The entire staff has always been thoughtful, helpful, and considerate.  When I first came here I was having a lot of back pain.  My pain is now under control and I am able to walk and bend with ease.  I would recommend Dr. Miller-Housh to anyone needing care.

-Sandy C.

By midterm in a school year, I usually have had to be out of the classroom for several days with back and neck pain, but not this school year.  Dr. Miller-Housh and her staff have been an important and beneficial addition to my weekly schedule.  For the last six months I have had a weekly chiropractic treatment and therapeutic massage. My energy level is higher, my pain is minimal, and my sense of well being is brighter.  I am convinced this is the result of chiropractic treatment and therapeutic massage.


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